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Phoksundo Lake Trek

Phoksundo lake trek’s Highlights

Discover the pristine and deepest lake of Nepal, Phoksundo lake

Witness the crystal clear long waterfall 330m.

Visit Ringmo Village and experience a Bonpo culture.

Visit Tshowa Gompa, the 800-year-old monastery, a Bonpo monastery.


Phoksundo Lake Trek is a relatively easy trek without high passes in the Trans-Himalayan region of northwest Nepal. This trek lies in Dolpo, the largest district, as well as the remote area of Nepal, has only been opened to trekkers since 1989. Peter Matthiessen’s book “The Snow Leopard”, has made famous this majestic and mysterious region of Nepal. Eric Vali’s Oscar nominee film “Himalaya, Caravan” made this region most popular in the world.


Phoksundo Lake Trek is a week-long trek which is one of the shortest treks in this remote and wild nature. Phoksundo lake, a pristine deepest lake of Nepal, an alpine freshwater lake is the most spectacular lake due to the reflection of the Kanjirowa (6612m) massif. This is also a sacred lake for the Buddhist followers and Bonpo religions (an ancient religion with roots in Animism and Buddhism). These deep blue and emerald colors make this lake mesmerizing with the perfect blend of culture and nature which is situated in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park of Nepal covering an area of 3555 km2. This park is famous for its wide range of medicinal herbs. Thus Phoksundo lake trek is an ideal trek for botanical researchers and students group.


Phoksundo lake trek starting point is Juphal after the two domestic flights from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, western lowland Terai region just 8 km away from Indian Border. Then Nepalgunj to Juphal (35-45mins) flight. The trekking trails go through a dense forest of oaks, pines, fir trees, several waterfalls as well as several beautiful traditional villages such as Dunai, Chhepka, Jharana, Shyanta, and Ringmo. Along the trail, Trekkers also can admire the view of the incredible high waterfall 330m. Endangered species such as musk deer, blue sheep, Tibetan sheep, snow leopard, Himalayan tahr and many more can be seen during this trek.


Since it’s opened in 1989, the Phoksundo lake trek is known as a camping trek. But nowadays, there are basic guesthouses in Juphal, Dunai, Kageni, Chhepka, Sanduwa, and Ringmo.

It’s your choice of camping or basic guesthouses.