Your Travel Partner in Nepal

Grade (Niveau)

Trekking in Nepal requires a good normal level of physical fitness. According to the level of difficulty and walking time, we have designed our itineraries.

Easy: Altitude below 3300m. Per day 4 to 5 hours walk.

Moderate: Altitude up to 3300m – 4200m. Per day 5 to 6 hours walk with steep climbing (500- 700m).

Strenuous: Altitude up to 4200m – 5545m. Per day 6 to 7 hours walk with steep climbing (600m – 900m).

Strenuous+: Altitude above 5545m. Per day 7 to 10 hours with steep climbing up to 1000m. In this level trekkers must have mountaineering experience and able to use climbing gear such as rope, crampons, ice aces etc.